David Skinner

Risk Management: David C. Skinner

1:30 - 4:30 p.m. 
Risk Management for Commercial Practitioners
David C. Skinner, LLC

*See below for Risk Management CE Requirements

The best deal you have ever seen can fall apart right before your eyes if you have not identified and addressed the risks that can threaten your deal or the asset – That is why Risk Management Matters.

Get three hours of Risk Management CE and valuable information on how to protect your transactions and the real property that you own or are marketing or managing.

We will review how to make an enforceable deal and the pitfalls to avoid.  We will discuss designing your own method for identifying, assessing, eliminating or minimizing the risks associated with your professional activities.  We will also work through a number of scenarios as a group and investigate and discuss the many risks threatening your success on a deal by deal or building by building basis.

About David Skinner

David C. Skinner was raised in Birmingham Alabama, received his undergraduate degree from Tulane University and his J.D. summa cum laude from The University of Alabama School of Law where he was in the top 1% of his class, was Order of the Coif and published in, and a member of, the Alabama Law Review

Mr. Skinner practices law full time, serves as a mediator, special master and expert witness in real property matters.  He is listed in Best Lawyers in America ®, Super Lawyers in Alabama and Top Lawyers in Birmingham; his firm is one of only six Birmingham law firms listed in Best Law Firms ® as a “Tier 1" real estate litigation law firm.  He has authored numerous articles, pamphlets and books including Gambling with Remedies: Rent Acceleration in Alabama, 45 Ala. L. Rev. 275 (1993); Alabama Residential, Commercial & Mineral Lease Law, (Michie, 1997; Supp. Lexis Law Pub. 1998 & 1999).  

Mr. Skinner is the Lecturer of Real Property Law at the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) where he was an inaugural member of the Center’s Leadership Council and now serves as a Senior Member.  He routinely lectures for ACRE, CCIM and the Alabama Association of Realtors, where he was formerly Vice President and legal counsel of the Association’s Forms Committee.  Mr. Skinner has years of service on the Alabama Law Institute’s Real Estate Study Committee.  His extensive legislative experience includes a long history of appearing before the Commerce Committee of the Alabama House of Representatives as a legal analyst/commentator and eleven uninterrupted years of service (from 1998 to 2008) as Chairman or Vice-Chairman of various Business Council of Alabama ( BCA) committees.

Mr. Skinner is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army (retired).  Prior to retiring from the Army, he last served as a Legal Advisor (similar to an Administrative Law Judge operating with a jury) for over eight years.  He is the distinguished graduate of the Army Field Artillery Officer Course, an honor graduate of the Army Rocket/Missile Leader’s Course, the distinguished graduate of the Army Judge Advocate Officer Course, and a graduate of the United States Army Command & General Staff College. 

CE Credit for ACREcon

CE Credit for ACREcon

  • Licensees who attend the morning session of ACREcon will receive 3 hours of CE credit.
  • Licensees who choose to attend the afternoon session where David Skinner will offer Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner (#805) will receive 3 hours of CE credit.


The Alabama Real Estate Commission now requires 6 hours of Risk Management and 9 hours of other approved courses for license renewal or activation. You can refer to Rule 790-X-1-.11 of Alabama License Law for the specific wording of these requirements. All licensees must have both Level 1 and Level 2 of Risk Management in their CE records in order to activate a license for the first time or earn credit to renew a license in 2014.

The Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner (#805) course will not satisfy the Risk Management requirement for everyone. Look at the following examples to see how this course will be applied toward your CE requirement for license renewal:

1.      Qualifying Brokers and Associate Brokers who take Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner will use it as an elective course because they are required to take both Risk Management: Avoiding Violations (Level 1)and Risk Management for Brokers (Level 2) to satisfy their CE requirement. The Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner (#805) course would count as 3 hours of elective CE for them.

2.      Salespersons who take Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner can satisfy the Level 2 Risk Management requirement but will also have to take Risk Management: Avoiding Violations (Level 1)The Risk Management for the Commercial Practitioner (#805) course will satisfy Level 2 of the Risk Management requirement.

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